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Bird Choir Sets Spring Fundraising Concert

Birds of the Forest Choir were preparing to perform a brand new song, written by the choir’s worship leader, Chirppin’ A. Long. Chirppin A. Long had written the song in celebration of the arrival of spring. After practicing the song in private for several weeks, Chirppin’ announced the first official performance of the tune in conjunction with May Day, the day of the scheduled concert. Chirppin’ asked his assistant worship leader, Chirp Anna Songstress to lead the performance. “I’ve had a terrible cough for a couple of weeks,” Chirppin’ said. “If I lead the show, I don’t think the concert will turn out as well as it will if you take charge.” “I’ll be glad to help out,” said Chirp. “This will give me a chance to test my wings, so to speak, in leading a choir.” “You’ve filled in for me a couple of other times, and you did a splendid job,” said Chirppin.’ In addition to the new number, how many songs will we be singing?,” asked Chirp. “Not many,” replied Chirppin.’ “Probably only five or six songs from our ‘Birds of the Forest Choir Songbook’ that we published last year.” “That’s good,” Chirp agreed. “We don’t want to make the program too long.” “I had almost forgotten that our spring concert is a fundraiser for our choir,” said Chirppin.’ “We can’t forget that,” said Chirp. “This concert is our only fundraiser this year.” “And we need to fulfill our pledge of giving 1,000 earthworms to the Birds of the Choir Orphanage,” Chirppin’ said. “We must honor our commitment to those kids.” “It’s so much fun watching them dig into that earthworm feast,” said Chirp. “You’d think they hadn’t seen an earthworm for a whole month.” “They’re just hungry little tykes, and they’re growing,” observed Chirppin.’ “They have to eat a lot to be sure they have enough energy to learn how to fly.” “Plus, we want to ensure that they get a good start in life,” said Chirp. “We’ll need some of them to join the choir and help with our community service projects.” “By the way, Chirp,” said Chirppin.’ After we purchase the earthworms for the orphanage, what do you plan to do with the rest of the proceeds?” “Oh, that’s easy,” replied Chirp. “It’s been several years since we’ve had new choir robes. The robes we have now are getting a bit frazzled.” “I guess we are overdue for a makeover,” said Chirppin.’ “You got that right,” agreed Chirp. “Not only that, but I think when we minister for the Lord we need to represent Him as well as we can.” “And we’ll definitely be flying high in those new robes!,” chirpped Chirppin.’ To contact the writer of this column about speaking engagements and/or puppet ministry, please email [email protected].

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