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Every summer Cookie’s science teacher picks a few students from her class. And invites them to join her on a science fun in the summer sea research boat trip. This year Ms. Duck asked Cookie and her friends to sail with her a board the Big Gulper big enough to use as a research lab and a cruise ship

Tommy the tiger cub dove underneath the ocean and pinched the back of Daisy the penguin’s leg

Swim for your lives! It’s the attack of the crab monster! He yelled once he came up for air

Grow up you jerk! That wasn’t funny! Daisy yelled angrily before splashing water in his direction

That’s enough you two! Ms. Duck cried out okay kids I want you all back on the boat in next 15 minutes. And remember always swim with your swimming buddy and whatever you do don’t swim around the coral reef. They‘re to dangerous

Yes Ms. Duck, Cookie and her friends cried out in unison

Hey Sammy! Let’s go check out that school of pup fish! Tommy yelled over to him. Before swimming off after them

Yah in second! Sammy the turtle yelled back. But before Sammy had a chance to catch up with Tommy the school of fish swam away in different direction. Tommy was returning back to the boat when his paw brushed against something. He tried to shake it off but he only got it more tangle and started have it pull Tommy underneath the water

Tommy are you alright! Ms. Duck asked we heard you yelling and the next thing I knew you disappeared underneath the water

Something grabbed my paw and kept pulling me under I think it was some kind of sea monster! He cried out

Oh Tommy you and your wild imagination your paw probably just got tangled up on a piece of sea weed Ms. Duck laughed


There’s no such thing as a sea monster you big dork! Daisy cut him off

That’s enough Daisy, Sammy why don’t you help Tommy take of his wet suit Ms. Duck instructed. The minute Tommy went to stand up his foot felt like it was on fire

Owww! My foot! It’s on fire! He began to yell. Ms. Duck bent down and looked at Tommy’s foot

Oh my! It looks like you might’ve brushed it against some hot corals veins. That’s what probably dragged you under she told him

Hot corals? Tommy frowned but the sea monster

Oh please Tommy for the last time there’s no such thing as any sea monster! Daisy cried out

Okay kids I don’t want to hear any more talk about any sea monster. Just please be careful where you swim to from now on. Now why don’t I go see what Mr. Star is making for lunch and Tommy try to stay off that paw for a while and if it gets any worst please let me know Ms. Duck added before heading towards the kitchen gallery

After lunch Cookie and her friends went down below to where the research lab is

Hey what does this do? Sammy asked before he pressed a round button that was in front of him. A loud horn blasted inside the room

Well Sammy it looks like it makes that annoying horn go off Mr. Shaklee who was Ms. Duck assistant laughed

But what does it really do? Sammy asked

It’s supposed to open the sewer vault and let the dirt water out of our tanks. But it’s not working very well and we don’t have enough money to fix it Mr. Shaklee explained

Why not? Doesn’t the school give enough money to fix stuff like that? Vicky the dragonfly asked

They’re supposed to but our research funds is running extreme low he answered

Oh wow! You mean this could be the one of the last of Ms. Duck’s trips? Cookie asked

Hopefully not but there’s no need for you kids to worry I’m sure that Ms. Duck will find a way. Now who wants to help me feed Snapper, Mr. Shaklee laughed handing out some fish nets

Cookie can you do me a favor and grab some more fish nets in the next room please he added

Cookie quickly put a bunch of small nets inside her pocket she was about to head back. When she noticed a well-dressed pig holding a black brief case heading towards Ms. Duck’s cabin

I wonder how he got on board and what he wants. She thought to herself as she slowly crept towards the cabin door and pressed her ear against it

I don’t care how you do it! But just do as quickly as possible and find me that mermaid! He was yelling

I’m sorry Mr. Hay stack but I’m a scientist who respects the ocean and all that lives in it. Not a circus trainer besides what makes you actually believe there’s any mermaids anywhere near here?

We’ve heard the stories from the locals in the town who have claimed to even seen them Mr. Hay stack shrugged

I see and what do you plan to do once you‘ve capture this so called mermaid? Ms. Duck asked

We plan on placing her in a very special tank she won’t even know she’s captured. And once she‘s capture scientist like yourself will be free to

come and study all you like. And of course if you do actually you’d be paid very handsomely for all your efforts he answered

Well as long as she’s not harm in any way and when your studies are through you promise to return her back to the ocean. And not keep her or any of them for public attraction I believe you’ve a deal Mr. Hay stack if there really is a mermaid swimming out there then me and my crew will help you find her

Excellent! I knew that I came to the right place for the job I’ll return in a couple of days to see how the search is going. And please no one must know about this until we’ve her understood. And before Ms. Duck could answer him Cookie lost her balance and tumbled into the room

Umm how’s every one doing? She smiled

What’s the meaning of this! Mr. Hay stack cried. Ms. Duck patted Cookie on top of her head and smiled back

Oh don’t worry about Cooks here you can trust her with your little secret isn’t that right Cookie?

Cookie raised up her right paw in the air and answered

I promise not to uttered a word

Oh wow! I can’t wait until the others hear about this she added silently to herself they‘re never going to believe it

Whoa! You’re kidding right? Ms. D really going to hunt down a real mermaid! Tommy cried out

Looks like it now remember you guys not a word to the others this supposed to be a secret Cookie answered him

The next morning the gang got up super early

I don’t know about this maybe we should just go back Sammy told them after they swam round the area looking for any signs of any sort

Of mermaids for a few hours

Sammy don’t move don’t even breath Tommy muttered over to him

Huh? Why? Then he spotted it a shark fin ripping through the water heading right towards them

Oh great! I knew it! I told you guys this was a bad idea

Okay just remember what Ms. Duck said and maybe they’ll just go away Daisy added. Vicky was going to answer her when a strange noise caught her off guard

Hey look!

They all turned and noticed a green fin coming out of the water and smacked

The shark. Right on top of his nose and after a few minutes of fighting with the shark. It swam away in a different direction

Oh wow! It’s really true there’s a mermaid in these waters and she just saved our lives! Tommy cried out. The next thing they knew a big net was thrown over them and they were being lifted in the air

Oh my god kids you found her! I can’t believe it but you actually found a real alive mermaid! Ms. Duck cried out happily

That’s wonderful now can you get us out of here now! Tommy frowned. Mr. Shaklee gently reached his fingers through the net and touched the mermaid’s tail

She’s real he whispered to himself

Yah, yah she’s real alright and guess what we’re all really starting to cramp up. So can one of you please get us out of here! Cookie barked

Okay kids point taken! Ms. Duck laughed. She opened the net and helped the gang out

Mr. Shaklee please take the mermaid down to the holding tank tell me kids how on earth did you ever find her? She added

Actually she’s the one who found us we’re going to let her go right? Vicky answered

Oh I’m sorry kids but I can’t we need to study as scientist mermaids were one of the sea creatures. That we truly never existed Ms. Duck explained

Oh so it’s not cause---- Sammy began but was interrupted when Cookie poked him in the ribs

They silently walked down to the research lab and over towards the holding tank. And watched as the mermaid sank to the bottom of the tank and buried her face in her hands

She looks so sad I wish we never found her Cookie said

Okay kids it’s been a long day I think we should all be hitting the hay soon Ms. Duck told them. They all stood and watched as the mermaid’s tail gave them a sad wave good bye

Don’t worry kids I’ll check on her during the night she’s going to be just fine

That night Tommy couldn’t sleep he kept thinking about the mermaid

Holding her in that stupid tank ain’t right they are not going to study her. All they are going to do is make money off of her and probably worst

He got up from his bed and was on deck when he noticed a small boat that was pulled next to their boat

I wonder whose boat is that?

He nearly jumped out of his fur when Cookie tapped him on the shoulder

Shh she whispered then pointed to three dudes one of them was holding a club in their hands. And Ms. Duck was laid on the floor next to them

Hey you! Tommy suddenly sprung up from his hiding spot and charged towards them

Watch it kid! You don’t want to get hurt one of them growled as he pushed Tommy out his way

Hey stop that! Cookie growled

Ant will you please take care of these bratty kids his partner ordered. They watched in silence as they dragged the mermaid out of the holding tank and onto their boat. Soon after wards one by one they were picked up and thrown inside the tank. Sammy tried to climb out of it but kept slipping down

Hey look Shaklee’s coming he’ll break us out of here Daisy told them. But he didn’t even look at them he just walked right passed them and asked

Where’s my money?

You’ll get it soon enough

Mr. Shaklee looked inside the tank

Sorry kids nothing personally I hope you all understand then started to walk away

No wait! You can’t just leave us in here! Sammy yelled

Yah Shaklee you just can’t leave them there Stan and I know of a much better place for these little brats! Ant laughed. He and Stan picked up the holding tank and threw it over board

Oh my god we’re going to drown! Sammy cried as the tank hit the bottom of the ocean

Hey listen what’s that strange noise? Daisy asked. The water suddenly became all muddy when it cleared there was about a dozen of angry mermaids. All staring at them through the glass

Oh great! We’re goners! Sammy mumbled

No look they’re helping us back up to the surface Vicky answered him

A few minutes later they were safety inside their boat

Okay now let’s catch these jerks and their friends back! Tommy yelled

I wish we could but I don’t see how we can I ‘m sure they’re long gone by now Ms. Duck said

Hey I think I know of a way that we can! Cookie lend over the boat and said

We want to help your friend but we need you to help us find her

One of the mermaids whispered over to the others giving them direct orders

Do you think they understood you? Sammy asked

I hope so Cookie shrugged

Hey look they’re pointing they want us to follow them! Vicky cried out

Maybe we should call the police and let them deal with this I already put you kids through enough danger Ms. Duck answered

We don’t have time we’ve to go now Tommy stated

About twenty minutes later they found the other boat

Okay now what? Sammy asked

Hey look there’s the mermaid those idiots just tied her to the back of their boat Vicky added

Yah and look the others are trying to cut her lose Tommy began

Hey what do you think you nosey kids are doing here! I thought we got rid of you! An angry voice yelled

We’re here to take back what you losers stole! Cookie barked

Finder’s keepers! So it looks like you made this trip for nothing!

Hey how did they find us? I thought we got rid of them? Ant scowled. He was about to continue when he suddenly let out a surprised cry. The other mermaids had surrounded the boat and started rocking it and they didn’t stop until it flips over

The next day during breakfast Mr. Hay stack boarded the boat

Congrats I heard that you capture my mermaid I’m here to pick her up he smiled

Umm oh I’m so sorry but you were misinformed we never did find her. I’m beginning to think that they don’t even exist Ms. Duck shrugged


No butts Mr. Hay stack I think that you’ve wasted enough of my time. Now if you excuse I’ve to get ready to go back to work so kindly leave my boat and have a good day Ms. Duck cut him off

Once he left the gang happily cheered

Way to go Ms. Duck!

Well I think this one discovery that’s best keep just between us she laughed. And before the gang could answer her the water rippled as it were to say thank you


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