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The way I feel

Do not ask who this poem is for, because I don’t know either, I just felt like writing something sad on my birthday, but my friend asked me to make it happy. :p

I always seem to fly away

More and more with each passing day

The further I go, the more you say:

“Please don’t go so far away”

I don’t ever listen

Because I’m just a dumb person

Who’s always in the way

I know that’s not what you say

But I can see it in your eyes

It’s not such a big surprise

Somehow I believe I’m wrong

Maybe it’s because of this song

I listen to everyday

That encourages me to feel this way

I need to find a way

That I can’t live, but not die

So all I wish for right now

Is to have never been born at all

But then I met you

You changed my life from blue

to light…

…in the night…

I am scared

I didn’t think you cared

I feel safer when I hear your voice

I ask myself: “Are you the right choice?”

Then my heart says:

“Yes of course, in many many ways.”

•·.·‘¯’·.·•Noriko Fujita•·.·‘¯’·.·•
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