Its The Whiskey Talking | By: Dorsey Baker | | Category: Short Story - Dark Bookmark and Share

Its The Whiskey Talking

There is a mumbler at the bar, all he does is drink and mumble to himself.

We at the bar, call him the mumbler!

He comes in, orders a strong whiskey, then starts to drink and mumbles to himself.

He request more strong whiskey, drinks it, then mumbles to himself some more.

Sometime when he starts mumbling, a smile forms upon his face.
Sometimes when he starts mumbling, tears start rolling down his cheeks.

Watching the mumbler, mumble to himself, other drinkers in the bar often wonder

to themselves-why he drinks so much, and why he mumbles so much.

He comes in often, but he never talks to anyone-anyone but himself!

Sometime we think that its not himself he's mumbling to-it just might be the whiskey!

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