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That Night

It was a long hot summer night and I was on my way to make a record with Dasha older brother Mike. Dasha waited at her house while Mike and I rode ova to his crib to finish the record. 

It was pouring down raining and we wanted to get things done quick, to head

back over Dasha house for some drinks. Mike and I entered his 4 bedroom home, when all of a sudden the worse thing happened.


Two guys, dressed in all black with mask on came out the back of the kitchen with guns, commanding Mike and I to head to the living room. Before I can even plead or beg for my life, I was struck.

Mike was shot right before my eyes. I was speechless. All I could think about was, "How am I going to tell Dasha"? I had no clue.


One of the guys took his mask off and looked in my eyes with complete evil, and told me I better not say a word, or else.


I was scared for my life and didnt know what to do, so I grabbed Mike's gun out the drawer and headed out the back door and ran to Dasha house.

i arrived at Dasha house and immediately got paused. The same guy that I just seen kill my bestfriends brother was standing in her living room, asking her out on a date. I couldnt believe my eyes, and was very confused.


The guy left and said he will be back. After the door closed, thats when I broke the news. Dasha, I said. I have something terrible to tell you.

She sat down in the 3,000.00 chair that Mike had just given her for her birthday.

"The dude that just left, killed Mike", I said.
All of a sudden, she began to cry and scream. I didnt know exactly how to comfort her, so I just stood there holding her hand.


The guy never came back and Dasha and I began to make funeral arrangements the next day. After the death of Mike, everything else just fell apart.
The record label, The records and even the money that Mike and I had established.

*This short story was based off a dream that I had and I just wanted to tell it in a story."

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