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The Driver Played A Track


Before I begin, let me remind you that this is not a story, this is a---well, I don't know what is this called. Maybe something that has too many grammatical errors blah blah blah. Enjoy. Please do.


I rode a jeepney. Wait. The weather's warm again. Again.


People started to ride. Yes. One by one they ride. Getting hotter and hotter. Sardines---this is. 


The driver. The driver hopped into, of course, the driver's seat. I paid my fare. And there it is. An avalanche. Not a strawberry avalanche. An avalanche of fares. Left--right--right--left. Hand to hand. Hand from hand. Until it reach the grease and soil. What's that? I can't---won't but I need. Touch it? Please, no. Now the driver thinks he's cool. Only think. So he played a track. Intro---verse---refrain---chorus---verse. Blah blah blah. The seat shakes as the gigantic sub-woofers goes off---beats. Boom---lyrics---boom---lyrics. Noise. I can't even understand the lyrics anymore. Just---boom.


Next track. Instrumental intro. It's familiar. Nope. Familiar to the man in the front seat. Why? He nods his head. And nod---and nod. Nod until the singer started to sing. Guess what happened next? He sang of course. With heart. With closed eyes and stamping of feet. Funny. The song goes on and the singing goes on. Not until the song finished. Silence. Yes. That's what I want. 


Another track is played. Okay. The man in the front seat did his thing again. But it's not just that. I hear him through my right ear---and came another noise. No. Not noise. Singing. So I looked---There it is, the man by my left is singing too. And more---more---and more started to sing. It's like everybody's singing now. But me---no. I don't---won't---can't sing. Song's unfamiliar. Eighties probably. So the choir in the jeepney was created. Clap clap clap.


Now it's time for some to get off. How sad. Then I was left---with one man and the driver. And the driver played a track. Again. What? The man sang. A big round of applause for his solo concert. Clap---woohoo---clap---woohoo. It's the main event in a boxing match. 


Finally, my stop. Get off---Silence..........Played a track on my iPod...Ooops. Noise.


The end.


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