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COOKIE’S BAD DAY It all started on a Saturday afternoon I was going back home. After playing video games over at my friend Vicky’s the dragonfly’s house. I was almost reaching my driveway when I noticed a mysterious metal box that was half buried underneath the maple tree next to my house. I walked over to it and dug it out I slowly opened it inside the box was a silver collar with a note next to it. I took the note out and read it WARNING TO ANYONE WHO DARES TO WEAR THIS COLLAR YOU’LL HAVE NOTHING BUT BAD LUCK FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE! After reading the note for the second time I took the collar out and looked at it closely There’s no way that such a beautiful collar like this could cause any kind of bad luck. This was probably someone’s idea of stupid joke I thought to myself. I just put the collar on and buried the box and note where I found it. I wasn’t even one minute inside of my house when my mom walked out of the kitchen and yelled Cookie where have you been? You should’ve been home an hour ago! I’m sorry I was over at Vicky’s house playing video games. I must’ve not noticed how late it was That’s no excuse young lady her mother snorted now go and clean your room. I’ll call you when dinner’s ready! Aw! But mom I already— Don’t aw mom me now go! From that day my luck turned from bad to worst. Not only was my mom mad at me but the next day I totally forgot to study for my math quiz the night before and failed it. But I also forgot that Ms. Dragon one of my favorite TV actress was coming to my school that afternoon to speak to us about the importance of reading Hey where have you been? My friend Daisy the rabbit asked as I met her by the gym’s double doors I’ve been waiting for you for more then ten minutes! Don’t ask I mumbled as we walked inside the gym. And even though it was almost filled up. We managed to find two seats in the front row. Then after what seemed like hours finally Ms. Dragon walked through the front doors. Everyone started clapping and yelling out her name including me. In fact I was so excited that I forgot that I put my water bowl down next to me and accidentally knocked it over with my paw. A minute later everyone gasped when they saw that Ms. Dragon slipped on the wet floor and fell right on top of me My ankle! She cried out horrified Her ankle? What about my paws believe me she wasn’t as light as she appeared to be. Mrs. Fox and some of the other teachers rushed over to assist Ms. Dragon. Who was still crying about her stupid ankle none of them even bothered to ask me if I was okay all they cared about was her precious ankle. A few minutes later Mrs. Fox came back inside the gym and told everyone that Ms. Dragon had a real bad sprain on her ankle and wouldn’t be able to speak with us today Oh nice going Cookie you just had to spill your bowl didn’t you Daisy scowled me once we were outside Hey it was an accident! And how bad could’ve she sprained her dumb ankle. She landed on top of me not the floor! I whined Yah that part was pretty funny! You should’ve seen the look on your face when she landed on you! Daisy giggled well I’ll see you later I promise Vicky that I’d help her with her science project Gee what a pal I smirked to myself once she hoped away When I got home my right paw began to swell up like a balloon. And if that wasn’t bad enough a few minutes later it started to go numb. From all the ice packs that my mom kept putting on it Later that night as I was lying in my bed waiting for the feeling in my paw to return. I knew that I had to return the collar I got up really early the next morning and sneaked outside before my mom would notice that I was even missing. Once I got there I started digging for the box but it wasn’t there Oh great now what am I going to do? I sighed I was about to go back home when I noticed a small piece of paper sticking out a small hole. I ran over to it and read it IF YOU WANT YOUR BAD LUCK TO CHANGE YOU MUST FIND THE METAL BOX AND RETURN THE COLLAR AND BURY IT UNDER THIS TREE! Well that was a waste of time how am I going to do that if I can’t find the metal thing! I crumpled the paper but before I threw it away. Something caught my eye on back of the paper someone had drawn a picture of my bedroom Now that’s weird? I thought to my myself I stared at the picture this time more carefully. That’s when I saw it the metal box it was sitting on top of my toy chest inside of my room Feeling both nervous and confused I ran inside and up to my room. And just as the picture showed there it was and though it was driving me crazy wondering how the box got inside my room. I was so relived that I was finally going to get rid of the dumb thing and hopefully my bad luck will go it I quickly took off the collar and place it inside the box. I was about to go outside and bury it when my mom walked into my room Oh good you’re up we’ll be leaving in twenty minutes she said Leaving where? I promised Mrs. Tiger that I’d help her with this school’s bake sale this morning Aw mom! Do I really have to go can’t I just stay here until I get back? I whined Sure sweetie no problem my mother smiled Really? Oh wow thanks! In about ten years or more from now! She interrupted laughing now move your little tail and start getting ready! We don’t want to be late I really hate it when she does that I frowned to myself once she left the room The next day I guess my mom noticed that there was something wrong. Cause when I got home from band practice she had my favorite snack waiting for me Cooks you look a little down is there’s something bothering you? She asked. And after I finished the last bite of my meaty bone I told her the whole story And did you rebury it? She asked after I finished Yep right after we got home from the bake sale Oh wow! I hope that I never find something like that Yah I learned my lesson the next time I see something that doesn’t belong to me I’m leaving it right there Cookie answered I’m glad to hear you say that Cookie cause I’ve something to tell you What? It was me I’m the one who left the box by the tree What? Why? Well remember last week when I told you not to play with my stuff without asking me first what happened? I lost one of your favorite rings then lied about it but you ground me for that I mumbled I know but grounding you didn’t teach you anything did it? Her mother asked No I guess not but gee mom did you’ve to go so far? I whined I’m sorry baby I didn’t mean for you to suffer that much. But sometimes you’ve to go through not so nice times to really understand what another person goes through. When you get a little older you’ll understand a little better so what do you say do you forgive me? Her mother smiled For a minute I was so mad at her for making me go through all that. But even though she drives me crazy and I think she’s weird at times. She means well I’m sure she thinks that same thing about me sometimes. I went up to her and gave the biggest hug and smiled YOU’RE THE BEST MOMMY IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD! Copyrights© belong to cookie torre 2006

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