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The Futuristic Years

The Futuristic Years

What would Earth be like in the future?
Robots and machines spread everywhere
Compliant androids to work for us while we live in leisure
Automobiles, ships and boats floating in the air

Would we have shoes and boots that help us fly?
Lipsticks that glow so brightly in the dark
Mansions hanging above the skies so high
Cars that vanish so there'd be no need to park

Gadgets to guide the blind where to go
Glasses which help us see through walls
Tissues that turn up whenever our tears would flow
Fireworks every night and multicolored waterfalls

No streets or roads as vehicles would then soar
We'd wear electronic suits that make us glide
Watch robotic seagulls flutter in the seashore
Ordinary car seats measuring more than six feet wide

Cloned human beings found in every place
Devices for animals so we'd know what they're thinking
Distinctive symbols printed on each individual's face
Widgets to stop living beings from sinking

Microwaves that cook whatever you ask them to
Pens which can be used as weapons for self-defense
Automated machines that clean the house for you
Goldfishes and other pets all electronic and pretense

Toothbrushes that brush your teeth without using your hands
Luggage which trail behind you wherever you go
All countries computerized even today's poorest lands
And garbage cans that gather anything we throw

Lights automatically switching on and off according to time
Staircases like escalators in every house
Police androids that do their jobs whenever there's crime
Beds that toss us on the floor when we'd have to rouse

Electronic books for all students to read
Ultra-huge TV screens fixed on the walls
Not one beggar and homeless person for us to feed
Programmed cheerleaders and in the seas you'll find shopping malls

What would life be like in the coming years?
Would all those who suffer from poverty be well fed?
Hundreds would own robots and mechanized gears
But would I survive till then or would I then be dead?

Mariam D. Mababaya 2003/2004
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