Why These Feelings Are So Wrong | By: Nick Sebastian | | Category: Poem - Love Bookmark and Share

Why These Feelings Are So Wrong

I Know that I can still find happiness,
in each and every kiss.
I don’t know how I’ve gotten along,
Without kissing you for so long.
When you play certain songs on the radio,
I feel like I just can’t say no.
I really shouldn’t want you,
But it’s hard to keep from doing all I want to.
These urges I get are so strong,
But I know that they’re wrong.
Everytime I embrace you,
I can feel that you get them too.
While we’re holding on so tight,
I wish that we could stay like this all night.
If these feeling weren’t as strong,
I could remember why they are so wrong.
As I tell you that I love you again and again,
I remember…because I have a girlfriend.
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