ALL FOR THE DANCE. | By: Terry Collett | | Category: Short Story - Prose Bookmark and Share


Oh bring on the dancers Mr Chalter says bring them on and so Kitty knew it was time to show what she could do and put aside the doubts she had or rather the doubts her parents had put there with their attitude about dancing and about the arts in general and her father saying you need to get yourself a proper job we can’t have you wasting time on such dreams you’ll not get yourself married and have children all the time you insist on dreaming such dreams but now Mr Chalter has called the dancers on and Kitty is amongst them the new girl the one who has to show their worth the one who needs to make it work or else the whole dream collapses and her parents will say oh we told you so and her father will have that glint in his eyes and that smile unfolding on his lips and so with the music starting and the curtains going up she is up there in her dancing clothes and shoes looking at everything and nothing hearing the music pulsing through her through veins through her bones and muscles bringing her into life the lights bringing her into the public’s view so many eyes seeing her so many ideas and thoughts and maybe whispers and as she dances amongst the others the music racing through her she remembers Gilbertine the night before in the bed and the shared love and kisses and the moon glimmering through the window and its reflecting dancing on the covers of the bed and the floor and Gilbertine running a finger along her spine and saying you are made for the dance you are gifted for the ballet and as the dance holds her and spins her around she remember the words she heard her say and from the wings Mr Chalter waves his arms about and mouths words but Kitty cares nothing for that all she knows or wants is the dance and the music and lights and the pulse racing through her and out there somewhere Gilbertine is gazing and sending out thoughts of love and as she moves and her feet rise and fall she senses she can feel the thoughts can feel the embraces and kisses and her heart wants to reach out there in the auditorium and hold on to those thoughts of love and the life of the dance and the music and then the dance is over the music stops and the applause drowns out all things the hands clapping and the voices calling out and there amongst the crowds she thinks she can see Gilbertine can hear her hands clapping and see her eyes lit up like stars in a night sky and then moving back into the wings off the stage her whole body alive her feet wanting to dance more and more and as she makes her way down the stairs to the dressing room she sees Gilbertine standing there by the door smiling and waving her eyes lit up likes ships on fire and all her love is there all her dreams and dream’s desire.

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