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Someone I Do Not Know: A High School Crush

I don’t even know you,
But I can’t stop thinking about you,
If you walk one way,
I’ll walk the same way,
Hoping to catch another glimpse of you,
Hoping that you’ll notice me too,
I watch you talking to your friend,
Wishing that lunch would never end.

As you walked through that door,
I wished I had the courage to talk to you more,
In my head I was hoping you wouldn’t leave,
I want you more than you could ever believe,
I think about you day and night,
These feelings I have for you I just can’t fight,
I know nothing could ever happen between us,
But that doesn’t stop me from wishing that there was an us.

When I see you,
I don’t know what to do,
In my stomach I feel butterflies,
And in my head I tell myself lies,
I tell myself that I don’t want you,
I tell myself that I am in no way attracted to you,
But this is far from true,
Because it’s obvious how bad I want you.

Why do you make me feel such a rush?
I guess it’s because you’re my first real crush.
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