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Father Time sends personal messages to supporters

Father Time decided to send personal messages to a few of the people whom he felt truly appreciated his work with minutes and seconds. “Only a very small percentage of this world’s population actually realize how hard I work,” Father Time wrote to a senior citizen named Felicia. “And you are one of those special people.” In a return letter to Father Time, Felicia wrote, “Dear Father Time, thank you for taking few moments out of your busy, busy schedule to write. I’ve lived long enough myself to have a healthy appreciation of minutes and seconds. I believe it’s just as important to be as frugal with our time as it is with our money.” Father Time’s letter to Fred, a construction worker, praised its recipient for blessing the community’s churches and non-profit organizations each year with a large number of volunteer hours. “You are the perfect example of Christian love,” Father Time wrote. “You go out of your way to show God’s love to others. Thank you, too, for being my best friend.” Fred replied with the following message, “I don’t want accolades or applause,” he wrote. “My reward will be when the Lord says, ‘Well done, thou good and faithful servant. Enter thou into the joy of thy Lord.” To a beautiful woman named Frances, Father Time wrote, “When added to the gift of your minutes and seconds, your offering of homemade pies and cakes is shared with love to many poor families on Thanksgiving and Christmas. And every week when you attend church, your angelic voice fills the building will anthems of praise.” In her response to Father Time, Frances wrote, “Don’t forget that I bake a homemade strawberry jam cake and pumpkin pie for you every year at Christmas time. And you really do deserve those treats. “I know how busy you are throughout the whole year keeping track of all those minutes and seconds for all of the world’s seven billion people. You’re so sweet to everyone else, I want to make sure that someone else does something sweet for you. “By the way, we’re always running short of milk. Would you mind stopping at the supermarket on your way home from work this evening and picking up a gallon of milk and a loaf of my favorite bread? “God bless you and give you a blessed and prosperous new year! I’m counting the minutes and seconds until I see you again. I love you, Sweetheart!” The letter was signed, I love you, Frances, your darling wife To contact the writer of this column about speaking engagements and/or puppet ministry, please email [email protected].

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