Foolish Me... No, Foolish You | By: Nick Sebastian | | Category: Poem - Lost Love Bookmark and Share

Foolish Me... No, Foolish You

At first I wasn’t sure about you and me,
But you had me convinced that it could be,
Foolish me.

You told me that your love was true,
And I believed you,
Foolish me.

I considered the others in your past,
But thought that we could still last,
Foolish me.

As time went by,
I decided to try,
Foolish me.

Believing you when you promised to make it better,
And holding on to every word in every letter,
Foolish me.

Even when I heard about the other two,
I continued to trust you,
Foolish me.

I kept holding on,
Even after you were gone,
Foolish me.

It could have been perfect you and me,
But you just couldn’t let us be.
My love so true,
No longer belongs to you.
Now you’re gone,
And I’ve moved on.
Foolish me ?
No, foolish you.

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