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Too Little, Too Late

You're changing now,
And I'm not sure why or how.
You say that you don't lie anymore,
Why couldn't you be like this before?
You say that you realize now what you've lost,
When you had your fun at my cost.
There's a girl that you just started to see,
And I wish so much that it was me.
She's the girl that I've hated for so long,
And I know that it's wrong.
It's just that she gets to be the one,
The one to have all of the fun.
She gets the one that you would hide,
The one I always knew you had inside.
This girl gets the truth and not a fake,
She gets you without the heartache.
I knew sooner or later this girl would come along,
I was just hoping that by then I'd be gone.
I didn't think that we'd still be in each others lives,
When you finally decided to put an end to all of the lies.
You're becoming who I always wished you could be,
But the girl that gets you isn't me.
It's just not fair that she gets this new you,
When it's my love that was always true.
You say you wish it were me instead of her,
Why couldn't you realize it sooner?
Now you want to care,
And it's just not fair.
I've finally moved on,
And now you want to hold on.
I'm not going to lie to you,
I really love you I do.
And it is still you I think about when the day comes to an end,
But I have to realize that now I have a girlfriend.
I still feel that we were brought together by fate,
But no matter what we may feel it's still too little too late.

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