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Out of Sight, Out of Mind

It’s over now
And this time it’s for good
We’re in other relationship
Everything is going as it should

Yet every time we begin talking again
It feels as though we’ve never been apart
Remembering all of the ways I fell in love with you
The way you made kissing seem like an art

The way holding you
Made me feel like I was going to burst
The way you made every kiss
Feel like it was the first

We say we can be just friends
But every time we meet
Old feelings come rushing back
And my heart skips a beat

You make me remember all of the good times we’ve had
And I want to keep holding on to the past
But then I remember it wasn’t all sweet
There were plenty of reasons why we didn’t last

Even though you swear that you need me
I know you’re fine on your own
You’re not afraid to lose my friendship
You’re just afraid to be alone

Because when we are apart
And we put our friendship on hold
We forget all about the other
It’s true even though it may seem cold

If you just stay away
You will find
That it’s not so hard to get over a love
If they are out of sight, out of mind

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