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The Life Of The Party

type story here The life of the Party

She's the life of the party
The first one to dance
The one men think of
When they think of romance

She's always laughing
A smile on her face
Other women try
But can't keep her pace

She's had many men
Try to win her hand
But she remains single
Without a wedding band

Behind the smiles
She tries to hide
What she relly feels
Deep down inside

She had made him leave
Many years ago
Why did she do it
When he loved her so

Her foolish pride
Made her send him away
She wanted more
Couldn't let him stay

She'd made her choice
Had to live with that
Life goes on
No matter what

Her only wish
Her only dream
That he'd send back her heart
That he took with him

The music starts
The lights go dim
She gets up to dance
But it isn't him
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