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Little Girl Lost Writing Found

Little Girl Lost Writing Found


Growing up on the streets

Wasn’t something a young child should have to do

A girl non the less, but when you don’t know

Who your father is

Your mother out there in the world

In love with that pipe

The drugs, the pain

The last time I saw her

She didn’t even know my name

I was on my own

I was determined to make it

Never gave up, never knew how

I started learning things about myself

I had to learn to lie

Lie, like I never thought I would ever have to do

How else could I explain

How it was possible for me to be in school all day

Homeless at night, I was just a child, “Where were my parents?”

Who got me ready for school each day?

I blended in like the other kids

The lost soul of a child, I started writing

In between homework, and finding my next meal

Finding somewhere safe and clean to sleep

I wrote about everything, anything, I wrote real life

I wrote about struggles, I wrote short stories

I graduated from high school, into college

The thing I’m most proud of, that I wrote myself

off of the streets, into my first home, I wrote a name for myself

I wrote to save my life

I was once a little girl lost

My writing found



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