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One last time


     Stormy and raining,

     Stormy and raining, raindrops tickled down my hair as I walked alone in the midnight. The moon was hidden behind the clouds, unable to shine to lead my path. I checked my watch and realized it was already very late, I hurried back home running down the streets as I stepped on the puddles that splashed around me. I slowed down to pull my sleeves down and wrapped my arms tightly around myself to keep myself warm. I sighed and stared at the pitch black sky, the rain didn't seem to stop pouring and with my umbrella lost I was soaking wet. I turned my head a couple of times and saw not one single person on the streets. I was alone in the dark. The darkness overwhelmed me; it intimidated me to go any further. I know that my house is just a few blocks away from where I was standing but I couldn't move my body, I was frozen in my track.  


            Someone was following me.

             I may be paranoid but I know someone was there, lurking in the dark. I glance from one side to another, trying my best not to panic. I thought about the things that may happen to me but the result made my spine shiver. I stumbled down a few times as I ran, running for my dear life not to be caught. I turn from street to street, trying to find a place to hide but when I realized it I was lost.

           I breathed heavily while I walked slowly to take a breath. At the very least I was hoping that I lost the person who was following me. The wind was chilly, I trembled within the cold. I needed warmth.  

          I flinched when I heard a splash, I turned around immediately but saw no one there. My heart was beating every second as I heard it growing louder and louder. I searched with my eyes looking at different directions, trying to spot something in the dark. However, no one, nothing appeared. I clutched onto my phone, the only weapon I had to hit someone or contact for help. My mind went blank all of a sudden and I stood perfectly still as my heart felt like it was going to jump out of my thoart.

        Someone is definitely here. I can feel the presence that someone is standing, standing just behind me. I can hear the person breathing slowly just next to my neck. My mind was spinning with plans and ideas of how to escape this situation. Even if I did manage to run away, my body wouldn't even move for me as if it had a mind of its own. Raindrops and cold sweat blended together while I held back my tears to turn around and see the person standing behind me.

        A guy appeared before me, strangely he seemed like the only thing that was shining in the darkness. His whole body was soaking wet, raindrops rolled down from his hair to his cheeks. He stayed there emotionless. We both faced each other without saying anything. I bet you're probably asking me to scream my heart out but I didn't. I actually closed my distance between him and me. His eyes sparkled and came even closer than I had. I wanted to step back but something was stopping me from doing so. Instead tears formed and rolled down my cheeks. He raised his hand and traced my face gently while staring at me with his lovely brown eyes. His touch gave me warmth to my soul as I burst out crying. I raised my head as he lowered his to meet my gaze. The rain continued to pour into the night but I couldn't hear anything except the sounds of our breathing. Despite it raining he knew I was crying and he made a look of sadness when he saw me in that state. Thunder boomed in the stormy night, I wasn't even startled since he was holding me tight. He leaned forward as my heart skipped a beat as his lips touched mine. My body felt electrified and my heart couldn't stop beating. His kiss was gentle and warm, making me feel like I was eating a candy sitting on the stars. Even though the night was dark and cold, he was my light (even though that sounded cheesy, I don't really care). My tears seemed to keep on going like a river flow as he kissed me further making me long for him more.

       Suddenly the wind grew strong and trees were swinging from side to side. My heart fluttered when he stared straight into my eyes like it was piercing into my soul. He then smiled like a little boy and pointed his finger behind me. I curiously looked back and saw an umbrella lying on the floor. How did that get there? I wondered. I went to pick it up from the ground when the lightening struck the sky; I turned to find no one there.

       He was gone, gone without a trace.

       I felt alone and lost again but I held onto the umbrella given to me. I stared at the sky and smiled. I'm glad that I met him.

      After all, he was my ---- boyfriend who past away

      May his soul rest in peace and forever...........

      I will remember him.


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