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The Thief

The Thief

Last week, I had the most terrifying experince with a thief.

It all began, when my mum and dad went to a conference about global warming. BOOOORRRIIINNNGG!!!!! So they left me home. It was really pleasant. I could watch TV all day,chill out with my PSP, and play in my posh swimming pool. I was just watching the rest of Harrifield the detective, when I heard the most strange noise. It was as if someone was actually digging in the garden. My spine froze

A few moments later, I crept as silent as a mouse, down the stairs. I tiptoed across to the back door and pressed a button. Silently the back door slid open. To my utmost suprise, I saw a red-haired man with a balcalva, digging into the expensive vase, my dad had bought. Sudddenly I slipped. I screamed!

The next thing I saw was a gun aimed in my position. I suddenly staggered back, raising my hand for surrender. The man grinned.

"Good lass, now ya better not tell a single soul" The man had a thick kind of american accent and white, flashing teeth.

I suddenly remebered the basic karate skills, my dad had taught me. I lashed out, with my fist and the man fell down. I reached into my jean pocket and brought out my blackberry phone. I dialled 999.

Moments later, I heard sirens in the distance. Along with the police, guess who came????????? My mum and dad. The police told my parents, that the man belonged to a thief gang called the Cobra. As they arrested the dangerous thief, the thief shouted inapporpiate words(which I dare not repeat)and threats.

Then my mum and dad took me out for an icecream!!!!!!

           The end!!!!!!!!!!!  

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