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lifes just one chance


Everyone is given a chance in life but not everyone is given a second chance so im here taking the time out to tell you how I got my second chance at life…The cold gray sky opens it's arms and I watch the rain fall as if looking for somewhere to rest. I walked away from my window and got back into my bed covering my face with my heavy soft blankets looking for some contentment away from the miserable weather outside. I hear the rain begin to intensify and I let out a small sigh of hate, oh how I hate how the weather has been the past few days, the day needs to brighten so I can enjoy my day instead of hiding inside all day. I hear the wind blow against my window moaning and warning me of the day ahead. Have you ever noticed that some days seem way longer than others? Well I have the feeling that this is one of those days, and I’m definitely not looking forward to it. I decide to go for an early morning stroll around the gardens, putting on my rain coat and my boots I make a head for the front door when I hear “darling where do you think your going, we have family visiting later on today” its my mother, oh how I sometimes resent my mother “yes mother I do realize that but I’m sure I’ve got time to go for a stroll around the gardens now please before the rain gets to heavy” than I’m out the front door before she replies. The rain is starting to lighten up and the sun is starting to uncover its self from the mask of the gray dreary clouds. I decide to walk down to the paddocks and admire the horses as they graze, I do find observing animals somewhat relaxing there just so care free no worries in there life they have everything figured out where as us humans are just hurrying are way through life with a new worry around every corner. “your up early” turning around I see my moms sister stood there “yeah couldn’t get to sleep because of this lovely weather were having” my moms sister is forty five years old she lost her husband and her son and daughter in a car accident last year, she used to be so full of life but now if you look into her eyes there exploited with loneliness and hate. She walks over to me and leans against the fence and looks over to the horses “its been a while since I’ve ridden, been almost a year funny how time goes by so quick but its also funny how easily we take time for granted” I nod my head agreeing with her statement, but not really understanding it as I’m only 18 and have a lot of time left, which again reinforces her statement, we all take the time we have on earth for granted. I put my hand on the fence and feel the dampness of the wood against it, one of the horses starts to move towards me, I put my arm out towards it but it backs away almost unsure if it should trust me or not. We both stand in silence for a couple more minutes than she excuses herself being as my mother has given her a list of groceries to go out and get for the family meal tonight. Family meals have never been my forte, because its just all so overrated and I’ve never been a big one for social events, which is why me and my mother have never been close she’s always been so family orientated but I understand why because ever since my dad left when I was two she really has nobody left except me and other relatives. I notice the sun has again gone to its hiding place behind the clouds and the rain begins to increase I make the smart decisions to head up to the house before my hair becomes to damp and frizzy which means ill have to have a shower. I quite enjoy my long blonde hair its naturally straight so its not a lot of work at all. As I enter the kitchen I see Maria in the kitchen, Maria is my mothers assistant she does the house work and runs errands for my mother, she’s always been very quiet which is very good because I never feel pressured to start a conversation with her. I grab a glass of milk and a cookie than make my way back up to my bedroom. Relaxing on my bed I hear a soft knock on the door “come in” its Maria “your mother sent me to give you your clothes for this evening and she asks for you to be changed and cleaned up by 12pm as you are to join her to her speech session today” she walks over to my bed and sets down a short black dress with bright red heels to accompany it. I give Maria the simple nod than she leaves my room shutting the door quietly behind her. I move closer to the dress so I can admire it, I smile softly ever since I was young I’ve always loved my mothers fashion and have always been jealous of her and how naturally beautiful she is, friends and family have always told me I’m just a mini version of her with my long blonde hair, dark green eyes and a slender figure with the curves in all the right places, but I still lack her out going personality. I run my fingers down the dress feeling the silk slide against my soft skin, than I place the dress and the shoes at the end of my bed ready for later on tonight. I decide to get ready for my mothers speech session, my moms famous for her motivational speeches about life and so on, she works for a “healthy life” organization she actually owns the company she started it after my father left because she needed a quick source of income especially having a daughter to feed and shelter, but she never expected it to become what it has nearly every speech session she holds has up to 400,000 or 800,00 people that come to listen to her. After twenty minutes of trying to get my hair to braid I decide to leave it down, and change into a red sweater with blue jeans and some black flats. Checking the time I have an hour before we leave so I read some more of my book, not ever having very many friends and being home schooled for all my life reading has always been an escape for me. The hour goes by so quick it surprises me.

* * *



s me and my mother pull up behind the great hall I notice all the people entering the hall, if I was my mother after seeing how many people are here id most probably faint. We pull up around the back and we enter through the back door into a small room with two chairs and a mirror with a guy holding a small make up box, obviously for my mother. They greet each other and he smiles at me and introduces himself than my mother tells me to go seat my self in the auditorium. I’ve been here a few times before. I take a seat at the very back mostly because its out the way but also because I recognize some people seated at the front and me being the unsocial light that I am I really don’t want to have to make conversation with anyone. While waiting for my mother to enter I amuse myself by observing the people around me one young girl really catches’ my attention she sits on her cell phone and listening to music while what seems like her dad is trying to speak to her but she’s just completely ignoring him, I find this quite annoying how the younger generation are all so attached to there technology that they never really appreciate there family, but I’ve never really known what it feels like to have very many friends to keep In contact with. The auditorium becomes quieter and I see my mother entering the stage she starts to talk and I start to zone out, because after being to so many of her speech sessions its gets well very unentertaining and boring. She talks for roughly two hours than everyone claps and starts to leave, exactly how everyone goes. Normally she gives out autographs that’s normally an hour so I decide to wait in the car. I awake to my mother opening up the car door somewhere between waiting for her and reading I must of drifted of to sleep. She gets in the car and soon were pulling out of the car park, I look at the time 3:30pm”you look tired Hun I’m guessing you didn’t get that much sleep last night?’ she sounds tired herself, “yeah I guess” and that’s the only conversation we have. We arrive back at the house and there’s a van outside with “culinary experts” written in black italics on the side, I’m guessing it’s here for the family meal tonight. My mom hates cooking more than anything so I’m not surprised to see the van, and I’m suspecting there will be around 40-50 peoples here tonight and its not like we wont have enough room because well certainly have more than enough, are house has accompanied up to 400 people in the past. My mom parks the car in the garage and wonders of into the house its 4:10pm less than an hour before people start to arrive so I go upstairs take a quick shower and change into the black dress and red heels. I admire the way the dress hugs my curves and how the heels really compliment my light blonde hair. I blow dry my hair straight than apply some red lipstick and some eyeliner, the make up and outfit together I almost look like a model from a high end magazine but the thought is soon forgotten when I notice a white stain on the dress . I try to wipe it off with a wet flannel a couple of times but I have no success Maria will know what to do so I call her from the intercom a couple of seconds later and she has already arrived at my door, she softly knocks and enters “you wanted me” she says in a timid and tired voice “yes I’ve noticed here on my dress” I touch the stain with my hand “that there’s a white spot that doesn’t seem to be coming of” she walks over to me and examines and touches the stain “I think I know what to do ill be right back”. Maria leaves the room and within a couple of minutes she arrives back with a flannel which has some black liquid on it “I think it’s a bleach stain from the dry cleaners” she wonders over to me again and applies the black liquid on to it and sure enough it disappears, “thank Maria you may leave now” after I dismiss her I go and admire myself in the mirror for a couple more minutes before guests start to arrive and sure enough I hear the door bell ring and I hear Maria answer it and greet the first few members of my family. I wait ten more minutes before I make the treacherous journey downstairs. I arrive in the dining room and I see my moms mother and father seated in the far corner admiring a photo album, my mothers in the middle of the room making conversation with my uncle and aunt, and about twenty of my mothers friends talking with one another. As I walk into the room I’m approached by one of my cousins Darrell and his girlfriend Rachel, me and Darrell were home schooled together so were very close he’s always been one of the most understanding people I know and I’ve met his girlfriend only a couple of times and I find her to be quite snobby and the total opposite of Darrel. He gives me and hug than we talk for a bit but were quickly interrupted by my mother asking everyone to make there way to the dining hall. As we seat ourselves at the table I end up between my mother and one of her co-workers who I recognize seeing from the great hall today. There’s small talk among the table for a bit, but I don’t find any of it interesting so I just try to familiarize myself with the peoples sat around my table, there’s three 20 seats table in the room so I don’t get to have a good look at everyone whose come here tonight. Most of the people who are seated at my table our hardly family there mostly my mothers co-workers and her close friends. We wait for what I assume is fifteen minutes before the first course is served which is steak bits wrapped in bacon with cheese sauce, I pick at the bacon but don’t eat the steak as I’m not really a huge meat eater. The evening goes well and we are soon done with our meals and people start to say there goodbyes. Some of my mothers co-workers and her parents are staying the night I soon learn, so looks like its going to be a long night as there most probably stay up till the early am’s sipping on the sweet red wine my mother has stocked in all through the summer. In the end I make my way up to my bedroom and change in to my pyjamas. I lay in my bed for a while listening to the laughs from downstairs, but I am soon distracted by the rain that has started to fall outside again, I drift of to sleep listening to it as it hit’s the pavement outside.



* * *

I awake to the morning sun streaming down on my face from my window, and I here the soft cries from the horses in the field waiting for there morning meal. I decided to brush my hair and make my way down to the breakfast room. As I enter the breakfast room I notice my mother has yet to arrive it isn’t like her a normally she’s the first one awake. I scan the house than go looking for her in the kitchen but I find her no where, Marias in the laundry room and I ask her but she hasn’t heard from my mother yet either, getting an uneasy feeling in my stomach I go looking for her in her bedroom and as I walk I find her sitting on the end of her bed with her hands to her face as I close the door behind me she looks up and her face is red and sore from crying. Staying close to the door I ask her “mother are you okay what’s wrong” she replies with a few sniffles but no answer to my question, so I walk over and kneel in front of her putting my hands on her knees “ mother what is wrong” “you have to leave, your going to stay with your uncle in Oakville” I’m confused I don’t know why she is saying this “why? No I don’t ‘m staying here” she looks me in the eyes “darling go pack your bags and go grab some money from the pot, you cant be here anymore I have messed up its not safe for you here” she looks down fiddling with her hands “ mom …what have you done?” “I’m just in trouble, now go pack your bags be reading for 9am that gives you an hour” I know my mother and if she’s not willing to tell me now she’s never going to tell me but seeing the worry and distress in her eyes I leave and start to pack. My uncle lives in Oakville wish is an ten hour plane ride away, its up near saint forks which has snow round all year, so I pack warm clothes and some necessities. I finish with thirty minutes left, so I sit by my window looking out across the pasture. I break down in tears not knowing what else to do, I don’t know what’s going on with my mother but I know its not good, I spend the next thirty minutes worrying and assuming things, but am soon interrupted by Maria asking me for my bags and than telling me I should be out front in five minutes, than she leaves with my belongings. I walk around my bedroom touching my cotton sheets running my hand up and down my wooden frame, my mom didn’t say how long I’m going to be gone but I got a feeling that its going to be a very long time. I grab my handbag than make my way down to the front door, as I arrive there my uncle and aunt and my cousin Darrel are waiting there they all look worried but no one says anything I give them a nod than we get into the limousine that is going to drive us to the airport.

* * *

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