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Written by Jesus Rey G. Maglonzo

He took the pill to his mouth and drank his final vow. He went outside the door of his house wiping his eyes with his wet hanky, and he seems to do it forever. It wasnft the last thing he did but he went to see the world with his eyes wider than ever.

I donft know this place anymore but I go here to buy fishes and vegetables, itfs like the first time being here, now when Ifm looking closerc He accidentally stepped on the shoe of an old man, "this is my new shoes young man, f___ you very much." He was cursing him but his heart failed and he fell on his face murmuring some spells until his breath filled the air with a perfume of death. He carried him away to the counter, then a woman saw him carrying her father, "what happened to my dad?" Her eyes were as lovely as the skies for a babyfs very first sight. He felt guilty from his death but he needs to go.

At the hospitalfs lobby, she was crying with a tear of loss. "I love my dad even though he speaks blatantly," said the woman. "I sure must go now, I have a world to see, goodbye!" She was still crying and seeking for relief, "maybe you need a rest, stay here and wait for your family to come," hurriedly said he. She moaned more in anguish, "He is the only one I know as my family!" She stood up and followed him, "wait, what is your name?" He was not so sure if he must tell another unfortunate soul, "Ifm Jean, how ebout you?" Her face blushed, "Ifm Jenni Louis, may I come with you?"

At the park, they were sitting on a bench shaded by two coconut trees. "I thought we are going to see the world!" complained Jenni. "Did you see the plane rushed above us?" Jean was very much excited with everything around but Jenni was getting out of her mind. Jean rose from his seat and he held out a kite from his backpack, "letfs fly this thing!" The wind was good for flying and the kite was gliding very smooth. He extended the line for a higher flight and she became interested with it. "Let me fly," said Jenni.

The day was exhausting but the night came to give a fall for the weary two. She was quietly sleeping on the bench while Jean was on the grass watching beside his last princess. eWhy am I not alone now? Is this a miracle or a fantasy? I was always all alone but now I am with the loveliest girl ever. I dream of this every night with the tears in my eyes. Remembering all my failures from the need of having one, out of ten tries I got one in consolation that exhausted me for a painful month or two.f She was asking for something, "letfs sleep now Mic"

Jean was hanging on the edge of a large rock, and he cannot take anymore the steam that burns beneath him as he carries his life from his might. His left hand slipped from the grainy rock leaving his left arm for his last. His right arm was strong enough to carry him but the rock gave-up to the fire. He fell down to an endless state of shock when he felt Jennifs soft right hand, her soft right hand on his neck. "You are a burning coal!" said Jenni fearfully.

Inside the emergency room, Jean was convulsing and he was desperately shouting, "donft leave my ANGEL, my lovely ANGEL from heaven!!!" He was not being well because of his fever. The pill has taken its effect after the paper that wraps it was dissolved. Jean was dying but his spirit to see his Jenni kept him alive.

Jenni was so worried that she fell to the ground unconscious. A big woman saw her and immediately she was carried to a bed. She fell asleep.

Twelve ofclock in the evening, from a dream she was awaken. She made it to the counter and asked for the telephone. "Mafam he is already fine," approved by the nurse. She walked for the room. "Hefs not yet at the morgue! The room is 310."

His eyes were sunken and he seems to look like a mummy that is breathing under a hollow chest. The mummified man felt the air moving towards him. The eyes moved violently, it is not dead! The grave came to life! "Oh my ANGEL, my only Jenni." She held out a small diary from her purse and she read it quietly. For not so very long, she finished the last part.

Suddenly the door opened! "Mary Ann, Ifll kill this man!" said Michael. "No, no, no! He is not the one, it is written here!" Jean was shocked more than ever in his damned life. "Jenni, what is this?" asked Jean. "Ifm sorry Jean, my name is Mary Ann. Michael and I should have been married last year but that old man kidnapped me after knowing that I was the daughter of his enemy - my real father. I canft remember anything after he hit my head to the wall." Jean was keeping his tears but in desperation, he cried like a baby asking for nothing in particular. "I knew it, this life is worthless. I am worthless. I wonft write anymore! Poets like me live in the paper world and happiness is limited beyond the prints of our imagination, hoping to breathe true happiness to life." Mary Ann spoke, "that doesnft mean you are worthless. As you can see, you saved me and now Ifm back in my real life. I hope I could help you too."

He was crying all his nights finding himself alone again, losing his very angel. He kept on, believing that everyone must continue the path until the end is reached, considering nothing is permanent until the evidence of death unveils. Or anything unfulfilled must be considered temporary until life fulfills its journey to unknown destiny...

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