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Written by Jesus Rey G. Maglonzo

She was known to be the most beautiful woman in the University and everywhere she goes the law of attraction is reproved to be true. Her eyes were so lovely that you would even forget that it was time away for the night to come and for a dream to come true. Seeing her silhouette with you sweeping the sands, and you wander the stars until the romance of the cold breeze resists to touch her lovely face. Wake up before you hit somebody ahead for shefs already holding someone in her unspoiled heart.

"Stephanie, where are you going?" A manfs voice she heard. She looked behind her and someone in front of her grabbed both of her hands and stole a kiss to her cheek. "Itfs been so long since Ifve seen you, how are you?" Stunned, "please donft ever do that! Did you sneak behind me?" Calmly he replied, "from where you saw me is where I came from, is there anything suspicious about that?" She continued walking, "never mind, letfs go to my house."


Running along the sleeping dark street, breathless she unluckily reached a dead end, she stopped and looked for a tail but there is no one but shadows of abandoned buildings waiting to witness a savage assault. "Come out whoever you are, kill me first before youc" She hit the floor having her hands to her cold face. She stood and shook herself up and saw her room illuminated by the sunshine. It was a scary dream but still, it was all a dream.

Walking her way to school, she heard again the voice, "Stephaniec" she was alarmed. As she moved on, she was so curious to see the face of the stranger. "He looked soc" she canft make it out for the face, and he disappeared from the crowd. The school was near and she was safe from any strangers but not at all. She felt something different inside of her but she ignored it.

In her speech laboratory, she was seated beside the window. Someone was waving at her. She looked with a swift motion but she saw no one. She focused at her speech practice. Then suddenly there was a shadow from the window, with a cold voice, she hysterically shouted from her seat. All of her classmates glanced at her but they thought it was what she was practicing. She was out of her mind so she went out of the class to call Tim from his office. After the third rang, the operator answered her call to tell that Tim was on an out of town meeting. She was scared that she was going insane, she went back to her classroom but they were all out and her bag was left under her table. She lifted her bag in the dark room, "Noc!" her temperature dropped to zero and she was out of consciousness.

She woke-up and saw her hands tied-down, there were candles around her and the only movement she can do was to roll on the floor. Trapped with a man holding a huge axe who was standing away from her. There was no audible sound except from her heart drumming inside of her. Suddenly, there was a break of silence. It is he! The face! He swiftly moved towards the man with a huge axe, but the axe was faster than he was. One fell to the ground with blood flooding his face. She was shocked but held on her consciousness. A sacrifice was given to the lord of darkness for his earthly desires but the offering taken was his life. Tim was on the floor bleeding his life out, while Dagger was holding his last breath. "Stephanie, I know you knew me before, for you have seen me with Tim long ago." Catching his breath, "I knew him very well, for we were best friends but I only came to know about his witchcraft practices when he was killing a bitch in this same room with that same axe. I donft know what to do because hefs my friend!" She regained her strength, "Ifm sorry because, I thought it was you." Holding himself for the last time, "before I die, there is something I have to tell you from the very start, I LOVE-" There was no life anymore from his last breath but his soul came out to his last word that relieved his pain forever.

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