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Once a True Love

Once a True Love

Written by Jesus Rey G. Maglonzo

There was light before the night he left, everything shattered but her love. All the dreams and every plan he took in a suite case and threw it away without a sigh. She was all by herself, all her friends were out of reach, no shoulder to lean on.

Waiting by the telephone to ring her dying soul, no, he never will. She fell asleep and an hour past the telephone rang. Quickly she answered, "Arch is that you?" At the other end of the line a man answered, "Ifm sorry mafam but this is from the Phone Company to tell you to pay your overseas bill. Thatfs all." Made herself up, as she threw all her pride, Ifm going out to find you and I will bring you home again. She searched every place she knows he maybe found but a failure she walked home by herself.

Inside her flat, hoping that he was there too but only his shadows were there. She dived to her bed and took a deep breath and cried, she stretched her hand to the left side of her bed and felt a smooth envelope. She stood up and read it, "Janna, Ifm sorry but youfll never understand. Forget me now. If you really wanna know why, come andc"

In the dark alley, she walked through the deepest of the night. A voice she heard sounded like a moaning animal that was badly hurt from within. "Janna, please never fear the hurt Ifve caused you and remember - this is for you." Her eyes were flooded with tears, "tell me you donft love me anymore and you hated me for nothing and I will leave you with a goodbye and a good luck to the journey of your own." He answered with a tear that never rushed his face; "there is no journey for me only a destination, I came here for the truth that never ran through my veins."

Perplexed with the dilemma she was trapped in, "what is that supposed to mean?" He held her hands and hugged her until all his emotions set him free, "I do really love you and this is the first time in my whole damned life. I must go." She came more confused, "tell me please, donft I have the right?" Arch turned his face away, "The name was not mine and the place was for a better soul and not for an eternally damned like me." She was stunned and speechless. "Love I learned, but it cost me the abyss, I was supposed to bring you to my king, his loving sweet words and promises that made me his servant. You are one of the million women that I came to destroy but love knocked me off my feet. I chose not to bring you to hell my sweet baby."

She threw her arms around Arch and felt his warmth, "Is there no way for us?" With all his fears, "Ifll be spending the rest of my death in the burning rivers of fire and that is what the future tells and chances for me is empty. Please do remember all of these. Ifll be damned forever and you, you have a lot of time to know the right things and the right wayc" He stopped, "someonefs calling me."

A flash blinded her for a moment but he was out of sight! The night was all that she could remember as she embraced her past, the rain flushed and washed her and covered her with coldness in her heart but she knew someday someone will take her to a new warm home.

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