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Killer In Pair-A-Dice Dennis N. Griffin Homepage
This is the opening chapter of a published novel. A serial rapist and murderer is loose in the Las Vegas Valley. A man with a deep hatred of women, he stalks his prey not far from the glitter of The Strip. Thanks to an unethical newspaper reporter the investigation becomes a personal battle bwtween the lead detective and the killer, with the cop's wife and daughter becoming potential victims.
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The Crypt Dennis N. Griffin Homepage
This is the opening chapter of a novel in progress. A young woman whose parents were killed in a car accident receives a disturbing phone call from a stranger. He claims the deaths of her parents was not accidental. If she doubts his story, the man challenges her to visit the family crypt and open their caskets to see what they contain.
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John Clay T. Chapman Homepage
John isn't your average little boy, his powers excede even science
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The British Roulette Clay Chapman Homepage
A man deals with his best friend, or worst enemy, in a game where the bets are the highest....
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Teaching Mindy Mason Cole Homepage
A New York PI and his assistant are handed the case of a lifetime. But will it turn out to be a career-making mystery, or will the killer get away with the perfect crime?
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In the Moment of Silence and Truth Angelina Crowley Homepage
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