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... thought I saw... a unicorn... Peter Hunter Homepage
... half-concious...
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I am a Pelican Shane Taylor Homepage
Is the mind of a pelican and that of a man on the verge of a nervous breakdown really all that different? Apparently not.
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Why is it? L. Blythe Homepage
This poem was written when I had a close friend stab me in the back. And told lies to others simply because she wanted me to be her only friend.And she thought that if she got rid of all my other friends she would have me to herself. But I was so angry when I was confronted by someone who she had lied to. So our friendship came to an end. And so l wrote this poem to deal with anger
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The Chosen Land Joe McManus Homepage
A poem about ourselves
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I am a liar Damaris Munoz Homepage
I am a liar...
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Flee Devin J. Stinson Homepage
It's about fleeing into your soul and mind and finding out who you are and what you're capable of.
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