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And the plan was jack bell Homepage
Alexis believed that she was only helping out a friend pull a dumb prank
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FBI. Domestic Enemies Ali Raza Homepage
Two FBI agents trapped in their own agency, when they find out that someone is a traitor inside their own agency!
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Five of to a campsite Ruth Kifle Homepage
About a dog two girls and two boys. One of the girls is called Georgina and she likes to be called George!
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The Lost of Innocence in Zion, Illinois Karissa AnneLowell Homepage
This story tells about the murder of two little white girls in Zion, Lake County,Illinois
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The Train Man Robert Griffith Homepage
When a wife is at the end of her rope
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Murder on Ellesmere Minesh Khatri Homepage
The following is a narrative of some very peculiar happenings one weekend at 12 Ellesmere Road. The story was put together by an outsider who felt that it deserved attention and needed to be known. The account is told mainly from the point of view of a Mr. James Thesiger, whose diary sheds much light on the situation. Parts of the account were unclear or left out in his diary. Classic whodunit.
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Wake Up Dead Christopher Bonn Jonnes Homepage
After researcher Mason Brooks invents a dream-the-future machine, he uses it to amass riches in stocks and gambling and to impress the young and comely Monica Westfield. But then he starts dreaming, and avoiding, his own death with increasing frequency. Death is seemingly imminent. The various lethal dreams share only one common component: the presence of a complete stranger, Paul Fontana.
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