Stories By: Jonathan Sharper

Miniscule Living Jonathan Sharper Homepage
Another story of a depressed youngster
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Torture Jonathan Sharper Homepage
Deep description of a sadistic torture of a person
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Hiding Jonathan Sharper Homepage
it is just a poem about how most humans behave, how they pretend to be who they want to be, not who they are.
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Lies Jonathan Sharper Homepage
Just an over exageration of my life, its just lies, pretty much what i want, but its the opposite of what ive got
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Pretty Jonathan Sharper Homepage
Its based on a KoRn song, so im not taking all credit, its about a girl who gets rapped by her dad when shes 18 months old, he breaks her legs behind her back and throws her in the bathroom when finished - i just went further, showing what he could have caused and taken.
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Falling Jonathan Sharper Homepage
Its about something i fear gratly, and thats loosing my good friends, since i know i would fall depressed without them
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Rejected Jonathan Sharper Homepage
A story in first person where i am laying in a bath with my wrists slit, and i am thinking back to all my harship, the bulling, having no friends and all the laughing that taunted me.
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